Thank you Martin

This is the first of a series of posts in which I want to thank the people (apart from my family and friends) that have helped me in the past to grow as a professional and of course as a

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Focusing a DIV in JavaScript

It is possible to focus a DIV or another HTML elements with JavaScript by using the tabindex tag, this tag allows us to stablish whether an element can be focused or not, with “-1” value elements can’t be tabbed but

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Tetris game made in C

This is an old university project in which the objective was to create a classic tetris game in C language with OpenGL, in addition it allows music management. Video demo:

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Largest prime factor in Python

This is the problem number four in the Project Euler which reads: The prime factors of 13195 are 5, 7, 13 and 29. What is the largest prime factor of the number 600851475143 ? My own solution to resolve this

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Model from database tables with Doctrine ORM

Sometimes it is required to use some kind of reverse engineer with Doctrine ORM to extract models from an existing database, this time we have a MySQL database and we want to extract the models. Before start, we need to

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Rutas relativas en Python

Un problema con el que se suele lidiar a diario en Python es el tratamiento de rutas relativas, dejo un pequeño snippet de gran utilidad para manejar rutas relativas:

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Número de caminos entre nodos de un grafo

Con el fin de ayudar a los compañeros que han acudido a mi blog solicitando ayuda para la práctica he invertido unas cuantas horas en resolver el problema añadido de este año “Obtener el número de caminos entre nodos de

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Complejidad de algoritmos a través de sus tiempos de ejecución

Práctica propuesta en la UPM para la asignatura “Algorítmica y Complejidad” en el curso 2012-2013: Link al enunciado de la práctica en formato pdf Fichero de ejemplo de entradas en formato pdf Aquí dejo la solución propuesta por un compañero:

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Videotutorial – Arduino Ethernet LED Control

In this videotutorial I want to show you how to control a green LED from a web interface by using Arduino Ethernet Shield. What we need? 1 KOhm resistor 1 Arduino Ethernet Shield 1 Green Led This is the schematic

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Videotutorial – How to: Decompile .jar and .class files

In this brief tutorial I want to show you how to decompile Java .jar and .class files, and it’s also valid for .apk files from Android platform. We just need “JAD Java Decompiler” and WinRar/Zip. First step is to extract

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